An Introduction to Toupee Hair Clips

What are Toupee Hair Clips?

Once you have decided to use a toupee or a hairpiece, you then have to decide how you will keep it on your head. As you know, falling toupees are the butt of many jokes, so as toupee  much as possible you want to avoid getting embarrassed in that way. An excellent way to do that is to use toupee hair clips.

Toupee hair clips, along with tapes and glues, allow you to keep your toupee where it belongs: on your head. Even if you move your head around – as would be the case should you play sports – a hair clip will give you confidence that you will not be embarrassed in front of your friends, acquaintances, and even total strangers.

Of course, a toupee hair clip will only work if you have something to clip to. This works best with people who still have hair to which they can clip the toupee on. If this is not the case, a combination of devices, such as adhesives and a small toupee can be used. A larger, more comprehensive toupee can be placed on top of a small toupee if the situation calls for it.

When you buy a toupee and a toupee hair clip, it is very important that you learn how to use it immediately. If the vendor operates a shop, you will want to ask for a demonstration of how to wear it as soon as possible. This will prevent you from making any social gaffes with your new hairpiece. After all, once people find out that you’ve been wearing fake hair, you will be the subject of endless jokes. Better to be safe than sorry; an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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