Backup Black Powder


Let’s be realistic here for a moment and understand an important point concerning our future survival. If we are not properly prepared ahead of time there are simply no  2F-Viminol way we will be ready in the event of an emergency. We must prepare now for any crisis which may befall us when the infrastructure begins to break down. The preparations that we make now may seem like an endless chore but it certainly beats feeling regretful in the end.

Over the years I have managed to accumulate a sufficient supply of ammo that hopefully will help me and my family survive. In addition, I have prepared my mind by learning a few secrets and tricks that would be beneficial when necessary.

Technology will simply not be available to us at some unfortunate time in the future and as such we must rely upon our training and skills to get us through the crisis. Raw materials may not be readily available. Years ago there were abundant supplies of labor as well as easily obtained raw materials in which to build from. That is all subject to change in the future.

Gunpowder is one simple thing for which I speak. If all else fails we can always revert to the older black powder type weapons. Prior to gunpowder being created no one actually realized that only a few simple everyday items could provide such benefits. The composition of black powder is basically: 

75 percent sodium nitrate or potassium

15 percent charcoal composite

10 percent sulfur

When creating your own powder you should try to minimize the amount of sulfur which is contained in the mix. Under most normal circumstances it is the sulfur which leaves the crusty residue. It is also essential in order for the mixture to properly burn. Nitrate can usually be quickly created by mixing urine into wood ash. As we stated above we would need to be able to provide a 75 percent composition of potassium or sodium nitrate. Similarly Ammonium Nitrate can be easily obtained from field stock cages or pens; the 15 percent charcoal is readily made by burning some hardwood inside a closed container.

Lastly we have the 10 percent sulfur which would probably be the hardest item on the list to find. This is one of the items that you might wish to stock up on ahead of time. As you can readily do the numbers above with only 10 pounds of sulfur you can create 100 pounds of powder.

Other nice to know formula ideas would be the use of iron oxide to make red powder. Keep in mind that iron oxide is nothing more then rust. One thing you can create with the iron oxide is thermite. It m

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