Canine Obesity: Steps to a Healthier Dog

The formula for weight loss is not a complex one, but it is one that you, as the owner, must commit to:

Calories Burned > Calories Ingested = Weight Loss

How Much to Feed

The amount of food Can dogs eat watermelon  each dog requires varies depending on the food’s quality and calorie count, as well as your dog’s breed, activity level, and metabolism. Start out on the low side of the recommended portion size listed on the bag and after a couple weeks assess your dog’s weight. You can then modify the portion size accordingly.

Steps you can take to prevent overfeeding:

Close the buffet – If your dog has access to food all day, he will eat all day. Instead, feed him a specific amount one to three times a day.

Prevent ninjaing – If you have multiple dogs in your household, feed them separately to guarantee each dog is consuming only their allotment and not stealing your other dogs food.

Be consistent – Use a measuring cup to keep track of how much food your dog eats each day. This helps the entire family stay on the same page when it comes to feeding portion size.

How To Handle Begging

Don’t give in to those big brown eyes and pathetic whining! Stand strong. Your dog doesn’t know that excessive amounts of food and treats will hurt him and shorten his life expectancy.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to curtail the begging:

Distract him – Pet or play with him when he starts begging for food. Or better yet, take him for a walk. This is a win/win. Not only does he not get the extra calories, but he also burns a few.

Feed him small meals more frequently – This doesn’t mean feed him more food each day, just break up his daily portion into two or three meals.

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