Todos Santos Vacation


When I think of “vacation” I think of clean sheets, the smell of the ocean, and surfing without a wetsuit. While I’m not alone in my thoughts I know that many others are thinking ” טודובום great food”, “adventure”, “privacy”, and even “work”! It’s not unusual these days for people to spend their two weeks of hard earned vacation volunteering to help improve the local community that they choose to visit.

One place that offers all of these things is Todos Santos, Baja California Sur. The opportunity for you to retreat to a place where the pace of life is slower, the food is amazing, adventure, surfing, volunteering, and even clean sheets are available is what makes Todos Santos special. If you’d like to volunteer the Palapa Society would be a good place to start. You may have the chance to connect with local children who need help with reading and writing. Another organization that offers an outdoor experience that is conservation oriented is the Tourtugueros Las Playitas. If you have kids that would like to see baby turtles released into the wild this is the group to get in touch with.

I’ve spent some part of the last 5 winters in Todos Santos and believe that it one of North America’s classic vacation destinations. This isn’t a resort town but there are boutique hotels that make me think of what Sante Fe, New Mexico must have once been like 60 years ago. The chance to find solitude on the beach is so easy that you might find yourself looking forward to the sight of another person. If you’re going to stay for at least a week I recommend renting a house. A vacation rental in Todos Santos offers you the ability to cook your own meals and many are close to the beach. Most hotels are in town which is a drive rather than a walk to see the sun dip into the Pacific. You might consider a long term rental for a real discount and if you are visiting outside of the “high season” which is December to March you can expect even more savings and less people in and around town. The opportunity to shop and cook authentic Baja meals from the local fruit, veg, and fish shops in town is an experience that many visitors from the US or Canada seek out. And if you don’t have a kitchen to cook in, you’re really not able to experience the best culinary opportunities in Todos Santos… (i.e. hand squeezed lime margaritas, empanadas, fish tacos).

One final note is that if you are looking for a surfing experience the beaches of Todos Santos do not disappoint. Cerritos is a playful beach break just south of town in Pescadero where all levels of surfing talent can have fun. You’ll find more advanced breaks like San Pedrito north of Cerritos and even a few mysto spots if you are up for an advent

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