Life Insurance – A Basic Need


Insurance has become a requirement and basic need of all the living beings because it helps by giving financial protection at the time of sudden death or disability. Life  ประกันบำนาญ

 insurance comes in different kinds of plans and features. Life insurance gives security and safety towards the incident of death and disability that takes place during the policy term period. Today, the insurance companies are taking keen interest and patience for knowing your family need and requirement. Insurance has become a friend of many families as it helps in a financial way during the bad period of time. Policy describing or telling about life insurances can be either term/traditional policy or ULIP policy.

Different kinds or types of Life (Insurance) Plans:

There are many kinds of life insurance policies including the money back policy, term end policy, traditional money growth policy, investment policy, Pension policy, annuity policy, pure investment growth policy, Unit Linked insurance policy, children policy and Single life policy. As per the need and requirement of every individual the insurance companies have introduced various life policy insurance plans. Life insurances give the commitment to pay the certain amount of policy term money to the family of the dead person or to the person alive as per the situation prevail.

Term end policy is one of the oldest running policies. In this policy the insurer promises to pay a certain amount of money to the insured during the end of policy term. In case of his death, the entire sum assured is paid to the family or beneficiary of the policy holder. Children policies are taken for the children in form of savings. In this policy, the policy holder is the parent itself and he gets the money from the insurer at the time of maturity term period. Children policies prove as savings to the parents and the money receiv

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