Hints for Coordinating With Owners of Meeting Room Rentals

In the name of practicality and thrifty spending nowadays, good communication skills is often a requirement among events planners who are tasked to negotiate Salle de séminaire Lyon  with customer service representatives regarding prices of meeting room rentals. It can be a little bit unfair to think that some of these rentals are posed at high prices when there could have been better choices that were of much affordable rental cost.

The first thing that an event planner can do is to collect a summary of available meeting rooms located at the vicinity of the corporate office itself in order to assure proximity and possibly lower expenses to be allotted for transportation. Once the planner is able to surf online the basic pays and services of a meeting room, then he or she can right away refer to her major criteria (appropriateness of the meeting room and available facilities offered) for selecting the appropriate meeting venue.

At this point, the remaining list of selected meeting rooms can further be classified according to the preference of the members of the committee.

Arrangement comes into scene when the planner has to negotiate regarding the rental price.

Before engaging into a conversation with the proprietor or with a company representative, the planner may wish to examine first the flexibility of the services of the meeting room rental. Could they possibly omit some services they don’t need at all such as that of catering service? That question is entirely important for the planner to know whether they can negotiate for a much cheaper rental cost.

Second to put in mind is the assessment of the full service of the selected meeting room rental. The planner may consider asking the proprietor if they could actually bring facilities of their own instead of paying for the services the meeting room additionally offers.

Upon having all these in mind, the planner may wish to talk to a representative first to thank them for their available services. The planner may wish to brief the representative how the meeting would go to present an overall picture of the event, following which is the negotiation for room rental.

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