Enhanced Sins of Regal Green Emerald

The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light. ~Matthew Arnold

This plush-looking vivacious greenish stone, has been fascinating man’s eyes since ages. Talk about royalgreen condo  aphrodisiac Cleopatra or Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie, not much of womanhood has been able to escape the spellbinding elegance of this God’s created wonder. However, this awe-inspiring stone of God too, faces some sins to correct.

Emeralds come with usual regular flaws within them. It has been very rare that a perfect translucent-to-transparent gleaming, youthful emerald is discovered. Those found till now, are one of the specimens of flawless greenery of nature captivated in a sparkling rock. Moreover, are prized as highly valued possessions for their owners in their treasure chests. However, this stone little is termed as a natural and authentic only if, flaws are seen in it.

There are blemishes like scratches and abrasions which are removed through a cutter’s efforts. However, flawed emeralds can be treated and be given the advantaged excellence of perfection of a naturally flawless one. Talking about the types of errors which occur in an emerald which require treatments or enhancements for a makeover are as follows:

Inclusions- There is a close relation between a stone’s rarity and clarity. As a gem grows, because of the conditions into which it forms, there are very less chances of a truly inclusion-free gem. If such remote chances occur, then, the fewer inclusions, rarer it is. Inclusions have dependence on various other factors such as:

Size: The larger inclusions provide more influence than smaller inclusions.

Number: More number of inclusions results into lowering the clarity of value of the youthful emerald stone.

Position: Inclusions are more prominent if present in the center of gemstone.

Color: If an inclusion is of the same green color as of emerald then treatment proves successful. However, if the inclusions are of a different color as of the shade of the gemstone then it creates a greater effect in clarity.

Then there are breaks which affects value of this statel

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