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The storm of artists’ sports gambling is spreading.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Director Yoon) is suspected of gambling on a private sports lottery website.Ttonyan (real name Ahn Seung-ho, 35) and “myth” Andy (Lee Sun-ho, 32) and TV boss Lee Min-ho (31) said Monday they had summoned them last month.Prosecutors recently summoned broadcaster Tak Jae-hoon (45) to investigate comedian Lee Soo-geun (38) on the same charges and investigated famous artists.The prosecutor subpoenaed them as suspects to investigate their involvement in gambling, the number and amount of gambling.

Ahn Hee-jung and others are suspected of betting hundreds of thousands to millions of won on the so-called “face-to-face” text message game of the English Premier League (EPL).Duel gambling is a form of post-payment gambling in which if the winning team is correctly guessed, dividends will be paid, and if lost, the bet will be remitted to the operator.Prosecutors are also expected to investigate entertainers involved in sports gambling.More than 10 artists, including singers and comedians, are currently being surveyed.Prosecutors have publicly denied some suggestions that comedians Jung Joon-ha, Ji Seok-jin, and singer Moon Hee-gun are not subject to investigation.

According to the Korea Institute of Criminal Policy’s 2013 market survey, the size of 바카라온라인 in Korea is 13 trillion won to 39 trillion won a year.Compared to the 2 trillion won legal sports lottery market, it is nearly 20 times larger.Experts estimate that more than 1.4 million users use sports gambling sites every year.

The Dong-A Ilbo team interviewed the status of sports gambling sites on Monday and found that there were no limits on the amount of gambling, adult certification and other restrictions that allowed gambling.If you lose a lot of money at one time, you will return a certain amount of money, or draw lots every day to attract them to gamble in various ways.There’s no brakes anywhere to prevent poisoning.

○ Introducing the deadly temptation of gambling

Lee (29), who enjoys watching overseas sports such as the English Premier League and fighting on a personal broadcasting site, first visited a sports 온라인바카라by posting replies in real time through a conversation window next to the video.Lee said, “There were dozens of sports gambling promotional articles in one game, so I started out of curiosity.””There are so many kinds of gambling goods that you bet day and night.”

Although online sports gambling and the legal sports lottery operating model is not much different, but can bet 24 hours, irrespective of the time limit to seduce users.Development and launch of various gambling products to determine the results in a short period of time.The maximum amount of betting on sports lottery tickets is 100,000 won, and online gambling costs up to 3 million won per game.”There is a risk, but there is a general perception that the risk is less controlled and therefore more likely to be involved in sports gambling,” Lee said.Lee lost 30 million won in sports gambling in three months.

○The reason for the spread is that anonymity is guaranteed and accessibility is increased

Experts believe that the main reason for the spread of sports gambling online is anonymity.You can participate in gambling only if the membership and refund account name are the same.However, sports gambling does not require the provision of resident registration numbers and other personal information.

Experts point out, “It’s easy to gamble with a smartphone for sports, so you don’t realize the risk and fall off like a game,” adding, “When you play sports gambling, there are many online gambling such as poker and Baccarat.”


According to a survey conducted by Korea University’s industry-academic cooperation team, about 70 percent of sports gambling sites are “dominant” sites.They shut down gambling sites if they are short of funds.If some participants receive high dividends, they will delete their ID cards or block their IPs.This is an inevitable punishment for abusing the information of the parties involved in gambling.

But sports casino websites generally change addresses once a month or use overseas servers such as China or Southeast Asia, gambling fund management is also fake passbook, difficult to control.Kim Kyu-ho, director of the gambling control network, pointed out, “The Korea Communications Commission has decided to shut down sports gambling sites, and it will take up to three months even if it is reported due to a lack of manpower.”Under the current law, those who bet on sports gambling will be sentenced to up to five years in prison or up to 50 million won, and Internet service providers to up to seven years in prison or up to 70 million won.

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