Emetophobia Recovery System – Legitimate?


The Emetophobia Recovery System is a new, all-in-one system to cure emetophobia from Rich Presta. The Emetophobia Recovey system is the successor to Jillian get money back from scam  Steven’s well received Emetophobia Eraser Program.

Emetophobia, or the fear of vomit, is without a doubt, an incredibly debilitating phobia. By being too afraid to attend any social situation in which vomit might occur, emetophobes suffer from severely limited social lives, and find that Emetophobia dictates much of how they live. A system claiming to cure this, without one-on-one time with a personal therapist, can raise some eyebrows. Surely, people will wonder if it’s an Emetophobia Recovery System scam

So the question is, is the Emetophobia Recovery System a scam or not? If you buy it, will you be wasting your money and time? To decide this, you need to consider the credibility of people involved in the system.

The new system was contributed to by Jillian Stevens, and Rich Presta. Jillian Stevens is a member of the International Society for Mental Health Online, and the National Alliance on Mental Health. Rich Presta, is an administrator of the largest online emetophobia support forums. These are two people who are involved and care about their field.

In addition, the system has been featured by CNN, The 

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