Popping Popcorn – Choosing a Method and Machine

Popping Corn

Learn everything there is to know about popcorn makers and find one that suits you best.

Popcorn is great for movie nights, but it’s also great just for snacking. A lot of dieters like to  corn pop was a bad dude

 munch on plain popcorn as a healthy snack.

If you’re anything like me though, you want to add some flavor to it. Personally, I like a bit of salt and sugar or caramel in mine.

There are many options available for corn poppers, so a great selection is available to you. If it’s for a small kitchen, or a larger operation, there are machines you can find online that will handle your needs.


Stovetop styles are very simple to use. Simply add corn and keep it over the stove until the corn pops! It’s a great way to make some for home movies.

Small Electric

Electric popcorn makers can be easier to use since you do not have to sit there and baby the cooking process.


Professional machines are great for large volume of corn popping. This is the type you see used in movie theaters and theme parks. They usually have a glass window to show off the popped corn too.

Old Fashioned Poppers

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