Types of Welded Wire Mesh and Its Various Applications

Wire network, as the name proposes, is a length of interwoven wires framing a boundary. At the point when these convergences are welded together at normal spans with equivalent expanding, the hindrance becomes welded wire. Contingent on the application, these lattices are made in various kinds and styles for both homegrown and modern purposes.

Kinds of Welded Wire Cross section

In view of the welding system and the various sorts of materials utilized in its development, these wires might be isolated into the Aluminum Welding Wire manufacturer    depicted underneath.

PVC Welded Wire Cross section

The wire utilized for the development of this kind of lattice is covered with fine PVC powder for erosion obstruction. The plastic covering safeguards the hidden metal as well as bestows variety to the completed items.

Electrifies Wire Cross section

As the title recommends, the metal wires are given zinc covering through the galvanization interaction. Contingent on the cycle utilized, this welded lattice can be partitioned into two classifications as referenced underneath.


This galvanization interaction utilizes power to bond zinc to the hidden metal wire. Electrolyte arrangements like chloride or cyanide are utilized in the process to confer strength and erosion protection from the wires and results in a splendid, gleaming covering

Hot Plunged

This is one more kind of galvanization process, wherein the item is plunged in a galvanization tank loaded with liquid zinc at a temperature of around 450°C. The interaction structures zinc carbonate on the outer layer of the wire, serious areas of strength for a, dark compound

Welded Hardened Steel Wire Cross section

The hardened steel wires are welded together at the crossing points to frame a uniform steel boundary. Generally utilized for the item’s steadiness and moderately low expenses, tempered steel welded network is viewed as border fencing across different businesses for its simplicity of organization and solidness.

Welded Fencing Board

These boards are pre-developed in set shapes and sizes to fit as walls outside homes, parks, gardens, and so on. The completed construction is strong and stable, yet can be destroyed and reused effectively and it additionally improves the appearance of the property generally speaking.


There is a wide assortment of utilization for welded wire network across areas. A portion of these applications separated from the wide use as various kinds of fencings are examined underneath.

Wire Material

Usually utilized as screens for keeping bugs out, wire materials are woven and welded networks with minuscule, uniform openings. These openings come in different sizes moreover.

Screen Entryways

The wire networks are likewise utilized as screen entryways and windows or as ventilation shaft covers to allow in light and air yet hold undesirable materials back from entering inside.

Welded Wires for Substantial Support

These wire networks are welded together at close spans to shape a square matrix or square for pouring cement. At the point when the blend settles, same is incorporated into the substantial and grants strength and dependability to the substantial construction.

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