Specialty CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutters For Cake Designers And Event Planners

Did you realize that infinite quantity of shapes and items are comprised of foam? Weather the froth is seen to the attention, or if hiding inside wooden or concrete, it’s far there! – The crown molding in houses, the presentations and sculptures you see in a museum, the far flung control undeniable you watch flying in the park, the signs and symptoms at the shops you bypass via every day, the packaging cloth your shipped object arrived in and so much greater.

The industries which are in want of foam cutting are countless as well – production, architecture, sculptures & monuments, packaging, signs and symptoms, films, props, theme parks, RC & interest fashions, aeronautics, aerospace, cnc pipe bending machine   engineering, prototyping, boats, to call just a few.

Now, some other entire enterprise can take gain of foam reducing services – the “faux cake” and event making plans industry.

Cake designers, creators and interior designers can now use CNC hot twine foam cutters to create “fake” or “dummy” cakes for any event. There are several groups which might be promoting hot wire foam cutters; However, a Silicon Valley, CA primarily based organization has advanced foam cutters that comes in kits and are mainly suitable for cake design, signs, logos and letters. The kits are low fee, and are consumer-pleasant.

The foam cutters kits are CNC machines, which mean they’re controlled by way of a computer. The cake author will positioned the preferred cake shape into the computer, after which the froth cutter will do the foam cutting for them.

The machines are constructed as 2 metal towers, with a warm cord jogging between them, related to an electronic energy supply. Once turned on, the hot cord will melt the foam simply in advance of touch, moving in X and Y axis instructions, therefore slicing the foam shape. The machines are made for twenty-four-hours continuous operation with cutting pace of us to twenty”/a minute.

The CNC warm twine can reduce many forms of foam, specially EPS (Expanded polystyrene), XPS (Extruded polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded polypropylene). Cake creators will maximum probable use the EPS, white type of foam, and the recent twine foam cutter is right for that. Since the machines also can cut logos, letters and signs and symptoms, the cake creator can later also beautify the “fake cake” with letter, props and shapes, even decorate the tables themselves. The EPS foam is safe for each person, and is effortlessly painted with any water-based totally or oil-based totally paint to any color favored.

Before, cake designers needed to reduce their cakes by means of hand, but now they could use a warm twine foam cutter, growing a memorable finish for a special day. Using the system as opposed to a manual cut will bring about tons greater unique shapes, speedy and accurate cuts, hence saving money and time. Having to deliver the cake to its small details, slicing the cakes by means of hand and meeting streaked deadlines aren’t clean responsibilities, ensuing in frustration and feeling of overwhelming at times. This is wherein owning a foam cutter can be a existence converting experience.

The foam cutters kits are consumer pleasant, easy to assemble and function, and the software is straightforward to understand and use. Set-up time is a matter of 1-2 hours from the time all components are taken out of its bundle until the machine is fully functional and prepared to be operated.

Preparing a personalized cake, a wedding cake or any form of custom-made cake may be tough. However, growing it with a CNC hot wire foam cutting device can alleviate a number of that pressure.

We are a family owned commercial enterprise in the heart of the Silicon Valley, CA with over 30 years experience in hardware, software and movement manage. We layout and manufacture our very own line of low price CNC hot wire foam cutters and sign cutters. Our machines are particularly used by RC flyers, for interest models, via signal shops and event designers for growing symptoms, logos, letters and props. Our cutters will reduce EPS, XPS and EPP types of foam. We are continuously improving and expending our merchandise, make sure to test our net websites on normal basis

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