Environmentally Friendly Home Heaters

We all worry about doing our bit to protect the environment and many people also want to take this into consideration when looking at home heaters. If you’re trying to find milieuvriendelijke verwarming

  a solution for home heating that doesn’t damage the environment, then you may like to consider the alternatives to electricity, such as solar powered and wood fire heaters.

What is environmentally friendly?

The first thing you should look at if you want an environmentally friendly heater is what exactly environmentally friendly means. Essentially, an environmentally friendly heater is one that uses less fuel or takes its fuel from a renewable source. These are less harmful to the environment than conventional sources of power for a heater.

The following are some examples of heaters that are environmentally friendly:

Wood fire heaters – A wood fire heater can be run using various renewable resources. Wood that is sourced from sustainable and managed forests is one option when heating with a wood fire. The alternative is to use paper ‘bricks’ or ‘logs’. These are made from recycled paper that has been compressed into a bricks or log shape which will burn well and will provide you with warmth from a sustainable source.

The key to having a fire that is also environmentally friendly is to find fuel that comes from sustainable and renewable sources.

Solar power – Tapping into the power of the sun, you can run a solar heater in several ways. Firstly, you may use the sun to heat water and pipe it into your home if you have radiators or underfloor heating. Alternatively, the solar power can be used to run an electric heater, making it more sustainable and without having to tap into the power grid. Don’t worry if you think that the less sunny months are precisely when you need the heating.

If you have the right system, you could store the s

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