Plumbing 101: Why You Should Love a Good Plumber

Do you know someone who is particularly fond of his or her plumber, or have you heard of parents who urged their children into becoming plumbers? Aside from that popular  San Diego Plumber

 video game, nobody seems to take plumbers and plumbing seriously. Who does? Being a plumber is not that glamorous of a job, and it does not give much room for advancing one’s career. But there are a couple of reasons why you should take your plumber seriously; simply put: your plumber has a couple of enemies that might threaten your life.

Enemies That Threaten My Life?

When plumbers do their job well, your house will not become a prime spot for your plumber’s enemies to live on. These enemies might seem harmless, and are oftentimes unseen, but by the time they are large enough to attack, it can be too late for you and your family.

Who are these enemies, you may ask? There are many creatures who might hate your plumber, but these are the couple who are the most likely suspects.

Deadly Mold

Molds are relatively harmless, for most of the time. But there are some molds that can grow into the tight, small spaces, under sinks and behind the walls that are potentially deadly to humans and animals. These molds release gas or spores into the air, unknowingly inhaled by the house’s inhabitants. These could cause a host of infections, diseases, and even death.

Molds love dark, damp places, like the moist underside of wood panels in a house with leaky pipes.


Termites might not be new to some of you. Everyone knows how much of a pest a termite is. Most of you might even think that building a stone or steel house might save you from termites, but that is simply not the case.

Termites are quite persistent eaters. Given time, they can even chew through solid concrete walls. But what makes termites so dangerous is not their property-destroying capabilities, though that it itself is troubling enough.

Termites produce naphthalene, a gas commonly used as cockroach repellent. Naphthalene is poisonous to humans, even when inhaled in short periods, so imagine how dangerous it would be if you were inhaling it every hour, every day, because a leak in the plumbing created a moist environment so loved by termites.

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