Is Solar LED Lighting the Right Choice in a Commercial Setting?

Solar power has long been discussed as a potential alternative to traditional energy sources, especially in terms of lighting. When first introduced to the market, solar LED cost of led light

  lighting technology was considered to be prohibitively expensive which is typically true for young, evolving technologies. Over the several years, the price of solar lighting has significantly decreased as more lighting options are available which are self-inclusive. Instead of being part of a larger solar grid, each light features its own solar panel. As a result, it is time for businesses to give solar technology a second look to see whether or not it has become the best choice in commercial settings.

A Closer Look at Installation Costs

Initially, the high installation costs associated with solar LED lighting was a primary reason it was overlooked in most commercial settings. Over the past five years the initial purchase and installation costs have become more competitive. In fact, installing solar lighting is often less expensive than traditional lighting due to a variety of unique characteristics.

One factor to consider is the primary installation cost. Since each solar light operates independently rather than on an electric grid the trenching expenses are eliminated as is the need to pay for extending wire from the nearest grid connection. This makes the installation process for solar LED lighting significantly less expensive the traditional energy sources or grid-based solar panels.

As an added bonus, the self-inclusive design provides maximum flexibility and versatility in terms of design and lighting efficiency.

A Closer Look at Long-Term Expenses

· Maintenance

When considering the ongoing costs of any lighting solution the maintenance aspect is often one of the most expensive. Using a self-inclusive solar LED lighting solution enables businesses to eliminate a large portion of the traditional maintenance costs. There is no wiring or connections to maintain, repair, or replace.

· Energy Costs

Solar LED lighting is more cost-efficient today than ever before. For more than a decade, solar energy has been proven to be a reliable way to reduce monthly energy bills because they consume no external electricity.

· Replacement

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