Custom Cable Assemblies

The proper operation of many different electronic and electrical equipment depends on cable assemblies. They offer a reliable way to move power and signals inside of a device, from the smallest computer parts to the most durable industrial machinery. Because they are utilized in a wide range of devices throughout industries, it is essential to comprehend the foundations of cable assemblies.

A global contract manufacturer specializing in cable assembly build-to-print services, Y.C. Cable is proud of its accomplishments. Since the beginning of our business in 1985, we have been at the forefront of custom wire and cable assemblies as well as wire harness assemblies.  Our selection of cable assemblies includes RF cable assemblies, consumer electronics cable assemblies, automotive cable assemblies, and medical cable assemblies, among others.

Knowledge of Cable Assemblies

In essence, cable assemblies are collections of wires or cables that have been connected to create a single piece. They might additionally contain terminal blocks and connectors that allow them to connect to other components of a device. Common types of cables used in a cable assembly include power, signal, and control cables, with their length and gauge being tailored to the particular needs of the device.

How Are Cable Assemblies Operated?

Custom Cable assemblies move signals or power among a device’s numerous parts. The cables in the assembly are connected to other parts of the device by connectors or terminal blocks. A cable assembly’s ability to transmit data or power effectively is heavily influenced by the way it is built and designed, with factors like cable length, gauge, insulation, and shielding playing a role. High-quality components and exacting production procedures must be employed to ensure dependability and lifespan.

The Important Elements in Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly consists of a cable, connections, and other parts like protective sleeving and strain relief. The performance of the assembly as a whole depends on each component:

Cable: The cable, which is in charge of carrying power, signals, or data, is the main component. The application determines the kind of cable to utilize.

Cables are connected to devices and to other cables via connectors. To accommodate a wide range of applications, they are offered in a number of types, sizes, and combinations.

Strain Relief: This part serves in guarding against stress and tension that can damage the cable or connectors at the connecting sites.

Protective Sleeving: The cable is shielded from environmental factors like heat, moisture, and abrasion by protective sleeving.

Numerous Uses for Cable Assemblies

Variety of custom cable assemblies made to meet the demands of your applications are offered by Y.C. Cable.

  1. Automotive Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  2. Auto A/V Signal Cables Made to Order
  3. Cables for Custom Car Lights
  4. Custom cables for agricultural equipment
  5. IVI Automotive Cable Assemblies on Demand
  6. Medical Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  7. Custom Cable Assemblies for Consumer Electronics
  8. Cables for Custom Lighting
  9. Assemblies for Custom USB C Cables
  10. Computer Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  11. RF Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  12. Overmolded Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  13. Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  14. Specialized Battery Cables

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