Above Ground Pool Cost

The biggest cost drivers of above ground pools are the type of kit you choose and the installation.

While a simple inflatable above ground pool can cost as little as $100, a higher-end resin above ground pool can Above ground pool

  cost as much as $5,000.

Installation costs depend on the size and type of kit as well as your yard’s layout and challenges, such as rocky soil.  000. A permit may be required depending on where you live, which adds to the cost.

Above Ground Pool Installation

While installation of many inflatable and smaller above ground pools are DIY projects, that’s often not the case with larger pools made of metal or resin.

These installation jobs often require careful surveying and measuring of your yard, leveling the ground, laying down support rails and assembling an involved pool wall, pump and filtration system. For that reason, many people choose to hire professional installers or enlist a few handy friends to make the job easier.

Above Ground Pool Safety

There are two options to create a barrier to prevent children and animals from accessing an above ground pool. You can secure, lock or create a removable design for the ladder or steps to the pool. Or put a locked barrier, such as a fence, around the ladder or steps to the pool. You should also have a barrier around the perimeter of the pool with no more than four inches clearance between the pool’s edge and the barrier.

Other pool safety must-haves include a pool alarm that sounds when it detects entry into the pool; a heavy-duty pool safety cover that can prevent accidental drownings; and lifesaving equipment such as  

Finally, it’s a good idea to let your homeowners or renters insurance company know about your above ground pool. Some companies will only cover claims if you first disclose that you have an above ground pool. You may want to increase your liability insurance, as well.

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