What Can I Do to Remediate Mold While I Wait for Professional Help?

  However, if you desire to begin work immediately, there are some helpful measures you can take to 

Using detergent and water,  mold remediation Santee CA vigorously scrub hard surfaces to remove the mold.

Wear gloves, goggles, and a mask when cleaning mold. (An ideal mask is an N-95 respirator.)

Gloves should be long and extend to the middle of your forearm. It is important you do not touch mold with your bare hands.

Regular household gloves may be used if you are only using detergent and water.

When using a disinfectant to clean, gloves should be made from nitrile, natural rubber, PVC, polyurethane, or neoprene.

Goggles should not have ventilation holes.

When it comes to hidden mold, if you can’t see it, but you smell it, it may be safer to contact a qualified professional like SERVPRO to properly handle the situation. If not, you may accidentally release mold spores into the air when you investigate the odor and peel away wallpaper, for instance.

Ultimately, you should attempt to dry any water damage within 24 – 48 hours.

Mold Prevention Tips

General proactive tips that can help mitigate the chance for mold growth, also from the EPA, include:

Engage in “moisture controlling” behaviors, such as fixing plumbing issues and other water problems as soon as they occur and drying the area completely.

Avoid painting or caulking over moldy surfaces. Painting on top of moldy surfaces may cause peeling.

Make sure you clean the mold via detergent and water before painting.

In bathrooms or other areas prone to a lot of moisture, consider running a fan, opening a window, or cleaning more frequently to minimize the chance for mold growth.

Ultimately, the goal is to increase ventilation and decrease dampness.

Repair roof gutters and make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis.

When building new property, try to build so the ground slopes away from the foundation of the building. This will help lessen the chance of water collecting around the base or entering the property.

Keep drip pans for air conditioning units clean.

Make sure drain lines are not obstructed and can flow properly.

If possible, keep the humidity of your property’s interior below 60% relative humidity.

The EPA recommends an ideal relative humidity percentage of 30% – 50%.

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