How to create your Pick & Mix kit:

First of all, we must mention that our range of Pick & Mix kits (at the moment) require a minimum order quantity of 20 distribution boards, these kits are designed to be bought in bulk  Find an Electrician

 for electricians, housing associations, and more who are looking for large quantities of circuit protection items to install for big projects or to be saved for the long term if you have lots of wiring projects ahead.

If this quantity is too high, then unfortunately you will have to pick the items you like as usual and build up your order in your basket. Not that there’s any issue with that of course! We still offer brilliant prices and will be able to cover all of your circuit protection needs.

With this disclaimer out of the way, lets get on to the instructions…

Visit our website and click the sidebar on the right of your screen, from there scroll down and select Pick & Mix Kits

Choose either Crabtree or Wylex Pick & Mix Kit

Find the product you’re looking for, all kits include 20 consumer units, but you can choose to have 6-10 RCBOs per consumer unit, and you can choose whether to have an SPD with your kit or not.

Add the item to cart and purchase it as you would usually with any other item

Once purchased, go back to the product page and follow the link which allows you to personalise your purchase

Fill out the form for which consumer units and which RCBOs you will need and whether you would like an SPD or not, please make sure the items you pick match the number of items which you picked in your order

Press submit at the bottom of the form

You’re done!

And that’s it! Once your order has gone through and we have received your form, your order will be put together. We hope this helps! For more info, feel free to contact us at

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